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Project Submission Forms

RB – Source Book: https://ruralbuildermagazine.com/rb-project-source-book-form/

MR – Idea Book: https://readmetalroofing.com/metal-roofing-idea-book-2023/

Frame Building of the Year: https://framebuildingnews.com/fn-boty-form/

GSCB Showcase: https://garageshedcarportbuilder.com/gsc-building-showcase-project-form/

Nomination Awards Forms

SWM – Building Progress Award: https://shieldwallmedia.com/swm-building-progress-award/

RB – Gold Key Awards: https://ruralbuildermagazine.com/gold-key-of-excellence-awards/

MR – Metal of Honor: https://readmetalroofing.com/moh-metal-of-honor-vote-and-be-heard/